CCTV Usage in Enfield

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CCTV Usage in Enfield

There are many uses for CCTV in Enfield and it would seem that more and more people are realising just what an excellent form of protection this technology offers however not everyone is happy!

How many times have you heard someone complaining about a parking ticket that they have received through the post from a CCTV traffic monitoring camera stationed at one of many key trouble spots in the Enfield area? – Precisely!

Although it is unfortunate but necessary for some CCTV in Enfield to monitor and penalise motorists it has to be said that the positives greatly outweigh the negatives with regards to the growing number of CCTV cameras in the Enfield area.

One such benefit of having increased CCTV in Enfield is the apprehension of motorists who are involved in sometimes serious accidents and simply drive or run off without informing the Police or the owners of the property that they have damaged.

How would you feel if you came out of your front door in the morning only to find that a callous motorist had damaged your car and or property and just driven off with no witnesses to inform you of their identity? – Not Great!

On the flip side, how great would you feel when, after reporting the incident to the Police, you were told that CCTV cameras in Enfield had taken real time images of the motor vehicle in question and the accident which would lead to the guilty persons eventual arrest and possible compensation for yourself? – Very Happy!

So, it is worth remembering that for every annoyance that CCTV may have in your life there are many positives to its use that help to make all of our lives a lot easier and Enfield a safer place to live.

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