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Access Control London

The installation and utilisation of Access Control technology in London has been proven to prevent crime and help to make people feel safer in their business premises and while at home.

Following research by the British security Industry Association into crime in the recession the bodies Access Control section has highlighted the clear benefits that are gained by Access Control technology.

The obvious benefits of Access Control technology in London were increased security and point of entry to sites, buildings and rooms but the report also identified other key elements of this form of security measure that are, for some, less than obvious. These include visitor monitoring, automatic number plate recognition, integrated security and increased bottom line through operational efficiencies that make the technology an extremely worthwhile addition to business premises and properties in general.

Mike Sussman, BSIA Access Control Section Chairman said that the research shows that while 83% of respondents have not noticed a rise in crime, 14% are looking to utilise Access Control technology and 56% of respondents actually have Access Control technology systems in place to provide security.

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